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Are online marketing courses worth it? 

Get rich schemes aren’t new, but nowadays online they are so prevalent because of peoples ability to target a susceptible audience of people who will buy into it. A few examples currently are dropshipping, online marketing and creative fields like photography and filmmaking.  
Anyone in the target audience will start seeing the ads across their social media with an easy in, like downloading a free ebook in exchange for your email and some personal details. Then you have expressed interested and you will continue to be shown the ads and receive emails all trying to rope you into buying the course. This type of advertising can be incredibly effective and some people who are highly susceptible to it.    
Many people say that the only people making money in these online marketing courses are the ones who sell the courses. Sadly once you are on the lists, you are are in a list of susceptible and often venerable people. Your data is then sold on to other schemes or you are used as affiliate leads to other programs where you are asked to spend more money.  
Don’t buy into online success stories without doing some research into them. A small amount of digging will often reveal that the people behind them either don’t exist or they have heavy skewed the facts. The truth is that your naivety and desperation for money or success is actually where their success is coming from. It’s selling a dream to people, its making people buy into something that is not easily obtainable.
Don’t be fooled by their ‘communities’ full of people making lots of money, you will almost always notice that any response will deflect public replies and be handled with ‘direct message us for further info’. Many of these courses will offer a ‘money back guarantee’ if you aren’t happy with the content but they will almost always get out of this with small print on how much of the course you have viewed etc.  
That’s not to say you can’t be a success in any field you choose, but there is no quick fix and you need to spend the time understanding the market and put the time and effort in to make it all happen. Don’t confuse this with legitimate online courses like Udemy, MZedPro, Masterclass, SkillShare, and Lynda. All of these websites run courses created by industry professionals and they offer true value. 
If you are thinking of buying into one of these courses or schemes, then my advice is just to look elsewhere. There are tons of great resources out there that don’t cost a penny. People like Jack Ma, Gary Vee, Jeff Bezos, and Simon Sinek offer tons of great information online to get you on the right track. 
Good luck in whatever you are doing, look forward, don’t be distracted by these get rich quick schemes and spend the money you do have wisely to boost your business!