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Sender: PPGB
Your account is currently under review. Please complete the security form to avoid restrictions. https://secure-alerts.net

If you have received this message then please do not click on this link, it is a PayPal scam.

 Your browser may alert you to the scam if you are lucky.

If you do click on it then you will see this, looks legit right? You can even click on ’sign up’ and it will take you to the actual Paypal login screen. But it is in fact just a form dressed up to look like the Paypal login screen.

But if you look at the web address it is https://paypal.secure-alerts.net/. As you can see that is not an official PayPal page and it is a Paypal scam phishing page. But it looks totally legit, that is a perfect imitation of the PayPal page.

You will notice that the ‘Having trouble logging in?’ goes to a dead link. You will also notice that the ‘Privacy’ and ‘Legal’ buttons are not links. They are just bits of text.
If you enter your details in to that screen you have basically just given your PayPal email and password to a scammer. If you have already done this then just stop right there and change your password ASAP! You can even notify that you have fallen victim to a Paypal or SMS scam here.

Now the scammers will take it a step further and pretend that there has been an issue logging you in and that ‘Paypal’ requires more information. Now this is everything from your personal details, card details and even your secret question. If you have filled this out and sent it then you need to contact Paypal and your bank immediately and tell them what has happened. You can try to login to your account and change security questions and your password but it may already be too late.

You will then be redirected to the official PayPal website if you went all the way through the process https://www.paypal.com/signin

Remember if you get any kind of message from the bank or PayPal be sure not to click the link. Just go to your web browser or app as normal and if there is a notification you need to address then it will be there. Paypal scams and online banking scams in general are becoming more and more frequent so make sure to protect yourself.