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If people cold call or email you or your business about SEO (search engine optimisation) or online marketing, please do yourself a favour and ignore that, 99% of the time they are not credible sources. You are likely to just be taken for a large amount of money and see nothing beneficial in return. Often you will be spun the story that something else on your website isn’t right and that is why it didn’t work. Essentially you can end up getting in to a situation where you can part with a huge amount of money for no gain. That money could have been put to good use on optimising the website or creating real sales leads.

Although search engine optimisation is not a tangible product, you should at least be building a foundation to improve on what you have. This needs to be researched and specific to the individual or company. Not just something someone can tell you in a email, you are selling your business short going with a service like that. Google and other search engines can also penalise websites if they use SEO practices that breach their terms. This means your site will actually be worse off than when you started if things are not handled properly. I know it can be tempting because they have come to you and they are making some exciting promises, but warning signals should arise from any cold sales call or email.

When you hear the word ‘consultant’ it can immediately make you think of large expenses, but a consultant doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can likely get informed help from people you know and if not you could contact a more experienced person for a short and cost effective consultation. My best advice to anyone who does not have an in-house web developer or digital team is to get friendly with a reliable freelancer who deals broadly in the web. Generally you can find affordable freelance web developers who will deal with you on an hourly billed based, be that over the phone, Skype or in person. They may not always be able to offer the services you need, but their experience in where to go and what to avoid is absolutely invaluable.

This is also true for services like website builders, hosting and even simple email setup. It really does pay to have someone on hand that can steer you in the right direction and those small hourly consultation outlays will pay for themselves in reduced hassle and adopting the right platforms and services to suit your business. If you start off on the wrong foot it can be a costly and time consuming process to get back on track.

I offer a range of services including web consultancy, social marketing, website optimisation and search engine optimisation. I can help out on any project, new or ongoing. If you would like a chat to discuss a project then please don’t hesitate to get in contact using the form below.

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