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Mi Band 4 GPS not connecting or working for workouts

Mi Band 4 GPS not connecting or working for workouts? Try this.  

The Mi Band 4 obviously doesn’t have GPS built in to it, so I am assuming here that you have Bluetooth and GPS switched on, on your phone and your Mi Band 4 connected to it. 

Mi Band 4 GPS not connecting

I bought the Mi Band 4 to record my cycling commute to and from work. I started to notice that occasionally that when I tried to set up a cycling workout that I was having issues with the Mi Band 4 GPS not connecting. The band was connected to my phone over Bluetooth and my phone had a GPS connection so it was a frustrating problem. 
I was ready to just get on my bike and go, but instead I was left fiddling about with my phone and Mi Band trying to get it to work. This is an infrequent issue, but frustrating when it does happen. Its the waiting for it to go through the connection process and then not being able to stop the connection and retry that is a pain. I found this workaround and for me it has worked every time. 

Mi Band 4 GPS workaround

Before getting ready to track your workout, if you get in to the Mi Fit app on your phone, go to ‘profile’ and select your Mi Band 4 under ‘devices’. Then from that menu you can ‘Find Band’, this option will buzz the Mi Band. Now if you go back to the workouts menu on your Mi Band and select one it will just connect to GPS straight away. 
This is clearly not an issue with the GPS not being able to find where I am, so I am not sure if this is due to the connection going idle over a certain amount of time. It could just be specific to my phone, but if this is happening to you then just give it a try and hopefully it will work for you to. I am hoping whatever the issue is, it will just be fixed in future firmware. 
If you don’t own a Mi Band then please don’t make this a dealbreaker. I love the Mi Band 4 so far and although this little thing is annoying, it doesn’t take anything away from it. For £35.99 ($35.99) it is an exceptional fitness tracker and one that I would wholeheartedly recommend picking up, you won’t regret it!