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Page Speed Optimisation Bournemouth, Dorset

Page Speed Optimisation Bournemouth Dorset

Page speed optimisation is becoming increasingly important with the way websites are being ranked in search engines like Google. Neglecting page speed can be costly when it comes to SEO and converting customers online. Google has announced big changes are coming in regards to how they rank websites in their search results, are you ready for them?

What is page speed optimisation?

Page speed optimisation covers a wide range of things including page content, code structure, and server configuration. All of these areas can be improved, often independently.

How does page speed optimisation help?

Page speed optimisation is a key part of search engine optimisation, slow websites often cause people to leave them before they load, this is very costly for both organic search and paid lead generation through ads.

How do I know if my site needs page speed optimisation?

In honesty, I have never come across a website that couldn’t be improved in one way or another. So the best way of starting is with a page speed audit. This can be done using a range of tools and manual checks. Then from there, we have a starting point for making page speed optimisations.

How can page speed optimisation be measured?

We will monitor progress using industry-standard tracking tools and use the data to move forward with more detailed optimisations. As a result of these optimisations being implemented, you should, in turn, see a drop in bounce rates and an increase in page views.

How much does it cost to optimise page speeds?

This is not a set figure, all websites are different from the platform they are built on, to the quality of code behind them and the server they run on. It also depends on the level of optimisation you want to reach. It may be that you want to start with an optimisation audit  (starting from £295 + VAT) and then create a monthly plan to continually improve the page speed across your website/s.

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