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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something I see oversold to people on a regular on basis. Search Engine Optimisation in its simplest form is a way of improving your websites position in online search results. It is something that is tangible, but has so many 3rd party factors that promises cannot be kept in terms of accurate measurable improvement. Quite often the organic search just gets left and the client ends up paying for managed AdWords campaigns or similar paid advertising.

You should never give up on the benefits of organic traffic, organic traffic is something that will improve your margins drastically in the long run. If you can reduce the amount of paid traffic you are getting and offset that with organic traffic, then you will have more budget to spend elsewhere or even put in to profits.

You got to this website without it costing me a penny. I do not pay for ads, I have spent the time optimising my website for Search Engines. Now you may be thinking “all that development time is going to cost a fortune and you are saying there is no guarantee it will work”. This is not the case, we can focus on the weakest areas. Then the rest of the ongoing work can be done by whoever takes care of the content management on the website, if needed.

There are a lot of contributing factors that improve search rankings and although I cannot promise first place for all your keywords, I can promise to get you on the right track to hitting page 1. It takes time and a new mindset of how you add and display content.

It is true that content is the key to success in search engine optimisation, but that is only one step of many you can make to improve your websites page rankings. In some cases you need to take a step back and make sure you are trying to rank for the right keywords that your customers are looking for. If this is not setup correctly then people will never find you online.

If you would like to improve your organic traffic and work on search engine optimisation get in contact and we will discuss your requirements.

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