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Should I use Wix Website Builder?

Should I use Wix is a question I hear brought up quite often by people looking to set up a website. This is an interesting topic because there is not a simple yes or no answer for any question like this.

If you have zero knowledge of web design, HTML, CSS and Javascript then Wix will allow you to create a great looking website regardless of that. This is great, but it can come with drawbacks later down the line, it all depends on your needs. If your website is a simple one page site with a contact form and social links then Wix have you more than covered.

Wix is not scalable in terms of bespoke complexity and functionality. Now they do offer scalability in terms of you being able to add additional booking and ecommerce shop functionality. But each of these features will be restricted to their payment providers and booking systems, so you may not be able to use other products and services that you want.

A lot of it comes down to budget as well, you don’t know how much money is worth investing in to the website until you know the impact it will have on sales. I think the best way to think about it is by thinking about the long term and growth although that is hard. If the website will never scale up in size, users and functionality significantly, then there may be no need to look anywhere else.

On the other hand if you see Wix as a kind of stopgap before upgrading to something better, then you may as well just get it right from the start. Having that website there will never save you any money in having the site rebuilt and it may even harm your visitors or rankings a little in downtime and redirects.

On the cheapest tier Wix post ads on your website, this is never a good thing. You have to ask yourself, are they appropriate to your brand? These ads could be harmful to your business and sales as you don’t know what they are. So realistically you need to be on the tier above that.

A big positive about Wix is that they do allow a hassle-free option to transfer your domain away so you can reconnect it to a different website later down the line.

For me, personally Wix isn’t the most affordable or feature rich website builder around. But it certainly does have a big place in the market and a lot of people are drawn to it.

There are lots of options out there from site builders to fully bespoke solutions. If you want to talk about a new or existing project then feel free to get in contact. I can give you a hassle free run down of what is available and what best suits your needs.

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