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Artlist Max Offer: Save Up To $136 on an Artlist Max Subscription

Please note: This post contains some affiliated links, you will never pay extra for the products but I receive a small commission when a purchase is made, this allows me to keep writing content like this.

Artlist Max 2 Months FREE | Artlist Max Free Trial

2 months of Artlist Max completely FREE, no discount code required!


What is Artlist Max?

Artlist Max is a coming together of ArtGrid stock footage, Artlist stock audio, and Motion Array templates to create a one-stop shop for content creators. It even comes bundled with their popular FXHome suite, including their video editing app HitFilm and Image Editing app Imerge. So rather than paying for lots of different stock platforms you can have everything under one roof and one payment plan.

How much is an Artlist Max Subscription?

The pricing table for Artlist Max at the time of writing this is below. There are 2 different tiers for solo creators called ‘Social’ and ‘Pro’.

Artlist Max Social Plan

The Social plan gives you unlimited access to stock audio, stock footage, and video templates but you are restricted to HD stock video content only. You will also get Creator level access to the Image and Video editing apps, this limits you to 4k exports and you will not get any of the 3D objects or camera tracker in the app. This is not a commercial plan, but it covers any usage within social channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Podcasts. So you can montise your videos or run sponsorships without the worry of getting copyright strikes and losing ad revenue.

Artlist Max Pro Plan

The Pro plan gives you everything you get in the Social plan but you are now able to download stock video up to 8K. There is also the option to upgrade to get RAW/LOG stock footage. You will also get Pro level access to the Image and Video editing apps, so you get access to BorisFX 3D Objects, the Foundry 3D Camera Tracker, and unlimited exports up to 8K. This is a fully commercial plan and covers all commercial usage including paid client work.

Artlist Max Teams Plans

There is also the option to have a Teams plan which covers 2-7 people and it gives them access to Pro plans. For bigger teams, there is also an Enterprise level plan for companies with over 100 employees.

Artlist Max Pricing Plans - Get 2 Months FREE worth up to $136

How does Artlist Max licensing work?

Alrtlist Max licensing is pretty straightforward and that’s what I like about the platform. Essentially, if you use the Social plan then you are covered for content you put out over social channels or podcasts and if you are on the Pro plan then you are covered for any client work you do. So if you are creating social content and want to avoid copyright claims then the social plan is perfect for you, if you are a solo filmmaker or freelancer then the Pro plan is right for you.


Is Artlist Max Worth It?

If you already have an Artlist, Artgrid, FXHome, and Motion Array account then at the time of writing this you would be spending over $54 in subscriptions for the equivalent of the Artlist Max Creator Plan which is currently $29.99. So you make a saving of over $24 a month with an Artlist Max bundle, which works out to a saving of around $290 a year. If you are using the Pro plans then you would be paying over $75 a year in subscriptions and combining them into an Artlist Max Pro subscription would work out to $39.99 a month, saving you over $35 a month, which works out to a saving of around $430 a year. This is obviously an extreme example, giving the maximum saving but even if you just have an Artlist and Artgrid account then you still stand to make a decent saving by combining them into one subscription plan and you get all the extras like Motion Array and FXHome along with it.
If you use a few different platforms for stock audio and video then it may be worth looking into whether having it all under one plan would save you money and make life easier. You can check out the stock assets on offer by signing up for a free trial.



Is there an Artlist Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can sign up for free and download unlimited watermarked music and footage and even save and sort assets to fit your upcoming projects. Click the link below to start your free Artlist Max trial today,