I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Live WordPress Support Sessions

Remote Website Help For Business
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Live WordPress support sessions aim to give people the confidence to start using their website as a proper business tool.

Many people just aren’t happy with their website but they are scared to change it due to high agency or developer costs and afraid to update it for fear of it breaking. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Take the power back

My aim is to help businesses and individuals take back some control of their websites and learn how to make important changes without any stress or worry.

You set the agenda

The premise of live website fixes is to sit down and get that evergrowing snag list done there and then. We can talk over the phone, Skype, Zoom, or similar platform and run through the website together.

We can update menus, improve page layouts, add new content, optimise images, and more. Then during the session, we can run through changes and you can review them as we go, either on your staging, development, or live site. For any situations where you want to show me specific scenarios or see how I have made a change, we can use screen sharing.

Make real progress

Live website fixes and online help sessions are a great way to get things done very quickly and effectively. It’s very collaborative and it ensures that things are done right in the first time instance. I have had live WordPress support sessions where we have been able to transform client websites in just 2 hours. Other sessions may be more focussed on training in areas that the client regularly has to update.

This type of session works best for tuition, design fixes, page layouts, and bug fixes rather than trying to implement larger pieces of functionality. The issue with working on bigger pieces of work is that we could end up leaving work unfinished at the end of the session. If you need to discuss a larger piece of work, you can get in contact here. If you need WordPress training sessions for groups then you can find out more here

How it works

Get in contact and we arrange a date that suits us both

Pick the amount of hours you want to do

I will invoice a deposit to save the date

During the session we will communicate over Skype or Zoom to screen share if needed.

Once the sessions is over I will invoice the remaining amount.


I keep these sessions to a limit of 3 hours because they can be quite intensive. For the longer sessions, a short break is planned in the middle and does not count towards your hours. If you want to arrange a longer session then get in contact and we can try to arrange something.

My WordPress Experience

I have been using WordPress since before 2008 and have contributed to many publications including WordPress for Beginners and the WordPress Genius Guide. I have worked on all types of WordPress setups including blogs, forums, Woocommerce stores, and headless.  

Just had an excellent live, online session with Steve and he has been very professional and extremely knowledgeable with delivering his services. Steve kindly updated my website and talked me through the process and delivered his services very well. I can highly recommend Steve and for sure, I’ll be a returning client. He exceeded my expectations.

Melanie Kaviani

Kaviani Architects

Want to get started?

To start these sessions I need access to the website and server (if required) in advance and then you just need to have a list of things you would like to focus on. Prior to the session, I recommend safely sending me temporary admin credentials so I can familiarise myself with what you are working with.

Please note: Always make sure you have a recent backup of your website that we can rollback to if something unforeseen should happen during the session. I can create this for you if required. All sessions booked must be taken as a block, I cannot break up a 3-hour block into 3 individual hours for example.

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