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Google Analytics 4 Tag Upgrades and Migration Services

Upgrade your analytics to the GA4 tag

GA4 tags in Google Analytics will become the new standard from July 2023. UA tags or Universal Analytics will stop working from then, so to keep your Analytics data working you will need to upgrade your Google Analytics tag.

Why upgrade to the GA4 tag?

This Google Analytics upgrade is essential for continuing to monitor website traffic, leads, and conversions. The new tag has a new dashboard with some new features, as well as some that have not made it into the new version. The new Google Analytics dashboard may seem a little alien at first but you will get to grips with it pretty quickly.

When do I need to migrate to the new GA4 tag?

The Google UA tag is officially being retired on the 1st of July 2023. So you will need to be set up with the GA4 tag by then to avoid having a gap in your Analytics reporting data. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it to the last minute or you will end up impacting your Analytics data.

Will existing Analytics data be moved to the new dashboard?

Unfortunately not, so the sooner you get the new tag set up, the sooner you can start collecting data whilst the old Google Analytics UA tag is still in use. Now is a good time to work out how you will handle your marketing reports if you do things like quarterly comparisons year on year. This is particularly important because of the change in reporting data, it may be that you have to change your metrics slightly to work with the new dashboard. 

Do I have to switch over to the GA4 tag now?

You can set up the GA4 tag alongside your existing analytics UA tag so you can get used to the new dashboard while still having access to and recording data in your old Universal Analytics dashboard. This makes it much less stressful to make the move when the day finally comes. You simply stop using the old dashboard and start using the new one.

How difficult is it to add the GA4 tag?

This all depends on how you have everything set up. Some integrations will involve Google Tag Manager, some will be through plugins or extensions and others will be manually added code snippets. This could be a good time to re-evaluate how you have your Google Analytics code set up on your website.

Will my Analytics events and goals work with the new GA4 tag?

Unfortunately not, they will all need to be refactored to work with the GA4 tag correctly. Event and conversion tracking will not work if you don’t update it when upgrading the tag. You will need to create new events to work with your new Google Analytics tag and then new triggers to make them work.

Need help moving over to Google Analytics 4?

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