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WordPress Migration Services Bournemouth, Dorset

Wordpress Migration Services Bournemouth, Dorset
WordPress migration services offering full site migration with new hosting, domain and email set up. You might want to consider this if you find yourself with the following issues.

Why migrate a WordPress site?

Consider migrating or moving your WordPress website if you experience any of the following –
– you are stuck paying too much for server/hosting fees
– you are stuck paying too much for maintenance fees
– you avoid updating the site due to high development/admin costs
– you can’t access parts of your website due to hosting restrictions
– you can’t add functionality to your site due to hosting restrictions
– your site is running slowly and affecting conversions/views
– you are tired of slow customer support 

Is migrating a website difficult and time-consuming? 

It can be depending on the services you have running, but you can continue to use the old hosting right up until the switchover with no interruptions to you. Migrating your website, domain and emails will allow you to start afresh, you can pick a hosting plan that suits you and the site you are running. People see this as a really scary thing but they shouldn’t, I can take away all the heavy lifting and technical details from you. 

What are the options for maintenance?

In terms of maintenance, this is completely up to you, if you want me to help you, that’s fine, or you can work with someone else or I can even teach you or someone in your team how to do site updates yourself if you wish to proceed that way.  

Is it expensive to migrate a WordPress website?

A lot has changed in the last few years and you might find that the hosting plan you are currently on is not only slower than alternatives but far more expensive for what you are actually getting. 
So the cost of migrating tends to pay for itself, in some cases in just a few months. On top of that, you are offering users a faster user experience and freeing yourself up to having additional work done at a better rate.   

Thinking of moving your WordPress site?

If you want to discuss the migration of a WordPress site, email provider, domain supplier, or even all three then just drop me a message in the contact form below and I will work with you to find the right solution for you.

We came to Steven with a request to migrate our website away from an existing hosting company to a new host where we would have more control over our site. Steven provided us with a estimate of how long this would take, along with his hourly rate and he completed the work to a high standard and in the middle of his estimate. We will be using his services again.

Ben Simpkin

Commercial Property Surveyor, Ellis Partners

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