Freelance User Experience Designer Bournemouth, Dorset

Freelance User Experience Designer Bournemouth, Dorset

UX is short for User Experience is something we quite often overlook, it is then realised when a project is completed and the budget is gone. User experience is nothing more than offering your products user a set of clear tools to achieve the job they are there to do, be that reading a document or buying a product.

A lot of user experience design is common sense, how would you use the site or application and what could currently be improved on. Its really just about stepping back from legal specs and documents and seeing the bigger picture of how your site should work. This is something that if you get right from the beginning will save a lot of time and money in the long run and your users will be a lot happier. Of course, all websites and projects are an evolution and things will be changed, but having this core set of values to work from is a very good start.

Areas of User Experience Design include things like

  • User Journey
  • Site Performance

Importance of these in an online store

  • User Journey is what gets your users on to your site, all the way to checking out and receiving confirmation emails. This is a good time to use your analytics data to see what pages customers are landing on, using the most and where you are losing customers on the site.
  • Site performance really matters because queues and waiting make customers doubt impulse decisions, slow websites do the same. Sometimes the only thing that makes you go through with the purchase is the human element in a shop, online that is gone. Online customers want fast loading pages, this is especially true in the checkout process.

This is a small part of User Experience Design but there is so much that can be observed and improved upon in just these two sections. The principles of User Experience Design should be used in everything from a simple blog website to a large online store.

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