I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Drone pilot Bournemouth | Dorset based commercial drone operator, UK

Drone pilot Bournemouth | Dorset based commercial drone operator
I am a qualified commercial drone pilot based in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. I can perform a variety of commercial drone tasks.

What can a drone be used for?

I use lightweight camera drones that are perfect for aerial photography and video purposes including
  • Property and construction surveys
  • Footage of premises for promotional business video (Interior/exterior)
  • Footage for property marketing
  • Promotional product videos
  • Unique photography for larger groups of people
  • Short films

What restrictions are there when using a drone?

I hold an A2 CofC certificate that allows me to fly with a little more freedom than other non-qualified drone pilots. I am also insured for up to 1 million pounds of legal and liability damages, so you can rest assured the work is covered. There are still rules and regulations that I have to abide by, but when it is not possible to get a drone in the air, I use other methods to get the shot.

Can a drone fly in rain and wind?

This is heavily dependent on the type of drone that is used, personally, I don’t fly my drones if there is any risk of wind or rain affecting the flight. It increases the risk for everyone in the flight path and it results in the footage being less stable and lower clarity. If the conditions are too bad to fly on the shooting day we will need to reschedule. I always keep an eye on the forecast before any drone shot and we can plan accordingly in advance. I do not charge for this as it is out of our control but I do need to book the new dates around other work.

What quality of footage can a drone capture?

My drones are capable of capturing video at 4k up to 60 frames per second or full HD video up to 120 frames per second for slow-motion shots. They can also shoot 48-megapixel photos as well as stitched panoramas. I can supply the captured assets in their raw form or can retouch and edit it to your requirements. I can work to more specific requirements including the potential for using a 360 video camera.

What kind of footage can a drone capture?

Drones are very flexible and can be used for all kinds of aerial footage including fly-overs of areas to show the scale of a place. Subject tracking can be used and is especially useful for shots that involve following people and vehicles. A popular shot is a reveal, where you start low and slowly rise up to reveal the scenery on the horizon. Other popular shots include things like 360 orbits of buildings or people, these are great to show the entire surroundings of the subject.

How much does it cost to hire a drone pilot?

I charge £295+VAT for half a day of filming or £495+VAT for a full day of filming. Although you must understand that drone batteries do not last a long time, so they will need to be recharging on a cycle throughout the day. I have 3 batteries with a life of up to 30 minutes each in optimal conditions and they take 60 minutes to charge. I use a portable power pack so I can make sure I am utilising all of them efficiently. The most effective way to shoot is to have clear and concise ideas of the shots planned out before the shoot. We can work through this together if you need any help along the way.
If you are looking to hire a drone then please don’t hesitate to get in contact on 07878178336 or use the form below and I can talk you through the process and run you through my availability.

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