I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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SEO Consultant Bournemouth, Dorset

SEO Consultant Bournemouth, Dorset

I am a freelance SEO consultant based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I work with individuals and businesses to improve their organic search rankings through search engine optimisation.

What is an SEO consultant?

Essentially, I will take your current strategy (if you have one) and run through it all with you. Then we can put it aside and focus on the core targets of your organic search marketing efforts. When I talk about ‘organic’, I am referring to any traffic that is not driven to the website through paid channels like affiliates or online advertising. Once we have identified the key areas, we can set out a plan and milestones to meet.

What can I do for your business?

What sets me apart from a lot of traditional SEO consultants is that I am familiar with many different areas of online applications. I can do all the technical setup of tools and resources but also advise you on the content side as well. This can include which types of content to be using and how to optimise them well for search.

How will I know the SEO is improving?

I will make sure we are set up with adequate tracking tools from day 1 and we will talk through all of the areas of improvement and how we can measure them. Some areas have a much bigger impact on the numbers but there are other areas of SEO that mustn’t be neglected. We can create a prioritised list of search improvements and discuss how we want to measure them.

What are your qualifications in SEO?

I am a 2009 AUB graduate with a BA degree in Interactive Media. I have various online Google Exam certifications and have been working with search engine optimisation on my own personal sites and client websites for over 10 years. You can see an SEO case study for one of my clients here.

How much do you charge a month and how long is the contract?

I work a little differently, I don’t expect you to sign a contract when we haven’t even started to see results. I work at a flat hourly rate of £49 + VAT for ad-hoc work and if you want me to work in an ongoing capacity we will agree upon a monthly set fee. This set fee is made up of my time and the paid tools I use to get the work done. 

That structure allows us to have preliminary conversations and see if this strategy is right for you or your business. If we proceed to make a plan then I can give you a few different options to suit different-sized projects and budgets. I can continue to work on an ad-hoc basis with you or you can book me in for monthly hours at a lower rate (if I have days available). Again, this is not a long-term contract and can be canceled at any time.

How do SEO consultancy sessions work?

We can communicate face to face or over video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet. Both platforms allow me to talk you through strategies and improvements and screen share data when required. If you are not located within the Dorset area, the remote option will be cheaper due to me having to set minimum session lengths and travel expenses.

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