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Business Email Setup Bournemouth, Dorset

Email addresses play an important role in business, for many they are the first line of communication with the company. You don’t want to give a bad impression with an unprofessional email address. There are so many companies out there that use Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo email addresses for business and to be honest it just looks bad. Its unprofessional and makes your business look haphazard.

If I am contacting a company I don’t want to feel like I am just emailing somebody’s personal email account, even if that is the case in real life. It’s not quite so bad if the work has been done and the invoice is sent from a personal email address but it’s not a good first impression.

You have to create that professional front to the business that gives customers the confidence to contact and buy from you. You may be the best person for the job but if you never receive the email about the work then you will never get it. Don’t go to all the effort of marketing yourself online and then fall at the last hurdle.

Having custom email addresses isn’t something that will get in the way of what you are doing, its just a nice extra touch to make your business more professional online. I can handle the techy part whilst you just carry on about your day and get it implemented with no fuss. If you need parts of your website updated alongside the change then that is something I can help with at the same time.

I offer personalised business email address with workflows to your preferred email client and tools. If you would like to discuss getting professional email accounts setup for your business then please do feel free to get in contact using the form below.