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Facebook Ads Bournemouth, Dorset | Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook ads are here to stay, with traditional advertising methods beginning to fall by the wayside in favour of online advertising.

Thats not to say that other methods of advertising are not a viable option for a good return on investment. Its just that Facebook advertising has proven itself to be a powerful tool in sales and marketing, with some companies even making it the top spend in their yearly marketing budgets.

Facebook ads are not going to suit every business or individual perfectly but there is always some way they can help you to boost your online presence, increase website traffic and consequently get you more enquires or sales.

What makes Facebook ads so useful is the ability to really hone your audience and then intelligently track what is working with them. This makes it a perfect way to reach huge audiences with effective ad campaigns that deliver results.

I wouldn’t champion just running Facebook ads alone as there are many other great advertising platforms out there to springboard your business. But if you want to dip your toes in to online advertising or grow your social presence then it can be an excellent place to start. If you are already using other platforms to advertise and want to broaden your marketing, then Facebook advertising is the perfect way to diversify your reach.

I cannot give you a clear black and white price here as every project and marketing budget is different. I like to think I can do something for a wide range of marketing budgets. A quick overview of how it works is that I would charge a one-off fee for creating ad sets and then a monthly amount for managing your ad spends.

If you don’t currently have any social channels and social marketing is something you want to explore then it is never too late. I offer social channel building services to get you off the ground here.

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