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SEO Video Audits | SEO Video Reviews and Feedback

SEO video audits | SEO video reviews and feedback

What is an SEO video audit?

SEO video audits are a way for you to get straightforward actionable feedback about the quality of your website’s organic search presence and SEO improvements that can be made.

Why use SEO video audits over traditional reporting?

Rather than having to read through endless reports or vague graphs, I will break down aspects of your SEO into a short and simple video. It’s essentially SEO in plain English for visual learners, a good solid starting point to improve your current offering. Then you can take that video and assign jobs to in-house staff or work with a 3rd party to action the results.

Can SEO video audits replace traditional reporting?

SEO video reports serve a different purpose than traditional SEO reports. Now that is not to say that SEO reports are not important, they absolutely are. But when you are just starting to look at improving SEO on your website a visual top-level overview can be incredibly helpful.

What does an SEO video audit cover?

SEO is a massively broad and complicated topic and SEO video audits aim to remove some of the mystery. My SEO video audits cover on-page and technical aspects of SEO, as well as some usability feedback.

How does an SEO video audit work?

You send me the website URL you want me to audit and then I will go off, run some reports, as well as personally running the website myself. Then I take all of that data and create a short SEO video audit (usually around 5 minutes long). The video is delivered as a digital file, viewable online with a sharable link, allowing you to pass it to the relevant people.

What qualifies me to run an SEO video audit?

I am a BA Hons media graduate with over 15 years of combined commercial industry experience in content creation, web design/development, and SEO. Over my career, I have worked in various aspects of content, markup, and speed optimisations for websites. I not only work on SEO for clients, but I also make sure I practice what I preach and practice SEO techniques on my own website. I don’t run ads and organic search is how you found me, so you know it works.

How much does an SEO video audit cost?

All services vary but my SEO video audits cost £275+VAT and this cost is calculated by the time they take me to produce and the value they offer. There are other services that offer very cheap or free audits but very few of them offer any really actionable feedback or use.

Can I follow up with questions after the audit?

Yes, you are free to contact me for further information but I do ask that you respect my time. If you would like me to action any of the work then I charge that at a rate of £49+VAT an hour or £349+VAT a day. All work is itemised and budgets are always pre-agreed.

Can you provide more in-depth SEO reports or analysis?

Yes, I can provide further services including
If you would like to discuss SEO for your website or have an SEO video audit created, please get in contact using the form below or call 07878178336.

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