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SEO Audit Service, Bournemouth, Dorset | Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO audit services and search engine optimisation are often sold as an audit that comes in the form of a digital report or feedback form. This can give some useful information about your businesses current position in popular search engines and some tips on how to improve. However, it may not solve the underlying issues that are preventing you from better SEO rankings.

The main issue people suffer with SEO is that they are not consistent or precise enough with their content. This is something that a generated or hand written report cannot improve, it is something bespoke to your business. It is possible to mimic other businesses in your specific field but you may not offer the same products or type of service.

The other side is the technical aspect attached to SEO and that is something that can be constantly improved and monitored using popular online tools like Google PageSpeed. Things like site speed, code errors and clean structured markup all play a part in your overall ranking.

My approach to an SEO audit service is a more personal one, I find out what the business is trying to achieve and then we can build a plan of action around that with the current data available. Then from that set of criteria we can build a prioritised list of goals that will allow you as a business to assign budget and resource to, on a timeframe that suits you.

I am not going to guarantee you top of page results or an exact timeframe because that is simply not possible. SEO takes time and work to improve but with a shift in mindset and the right tools available to you it will give you the scope and clarity you need to push forward and track your progress along the way.

If you feel that your SEO could use a boost or you are just interested in finding out more about an SEO audit then feel free to get in contact using the form below.

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