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Email templates custom made for your business 

email templates bespoke custom made for your business

Email templates are quite often neglected when it comes to building websites and branding e-commerce stores.

This is a big mistake because emails represent your business outside of your website and should be professional looking and a well branded extension. This way customers can easily identify where the email came from visually, whether it be a transactional or marketing email.

Professional email templates can be the difference between someone coming back to order from the website or just deleting and forgetting it along with that purchase. Almost all emails require the customer to click a link, so you need to make sure your emails inspire trust and don’t look generic, broken or like spam.

You need to not only make sure your email templates look smart but that they work responsively for phones and tablets and that they are well optimised for a range of different email clients. There are templating tools out there like Mailchimp’s drag and drop builder but these are quite limiting in terms of usage and design. 

If you have ever tried to build emails then you will realise this is laborious hard work. I have been through all the pain and mistakes of building and testing emails many times, so let me take that headache away and let you get back to running your business.

I can help you by taking static designs you may have and turning them in to email templates or just improving the ones you currently have to make them suit your brand and look more professional.

A popular trend in email marketing now is interactive emails. These have really reinvented emails because they take something traditionally very static in to something quite fun and keep the users interested for longer. I have been working with these for a while now and can make some suggestions on how you can add some interactivity and excitement to your emails.

If you have email templates you would like created or update then feel free to get in contact using the form below.

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