I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Remote Shopify Support | Affordable Live Shopify Help Sessions

Remote Shopify Support | Affordable Live Shopify Help Sessions

My remote Shopify support services aim to help clients that want to get training, fixes, or changes made to their Shopify website in a one-to-one format at an affordable price.

What can you do in a Shopify support session?

The main things covered in my Shopify help sessions tend to be

  • Fixing Shopify display issues
  • Adding new pages and templates
  • Adding new store functionality
  • Improving UX and customer journey
  • Impartial advice on e-commerce best practices in Shopify
  • Setting up Shopify conversion tracking
  • Setting up Google Analytics for Shopify

How long are Shopify support sessions

My Shopify help sessions are generally 2-3 hours. I find that anything under 2 hours is not long enough to run through the store and get work done. Anything over 3 hours tends to be to a bit too much for one session. You are welcome to book multiple sessions and even 2 in one day with a break in the middle if that is your preference.

What do I need to provide to do a Shopify help session?

If you have a list of jobs or amends you would like to achieve during the session then I would recommend sending that over in advance as well as setting me up with a temporary staff account or a set of login details under a temporary password which you can change after the session.

How much do Shopify support sessions cost?

I charge £49+VAT an hour for Shopify support sessions, so they cost £98+VAT for a 2 hour session and £147+VAT for a 3 hour session. Any work that is carried over outside of the allotted hours will be billed additionally at £49+VAT an hour and this will be discussed during the session.

I also require a 50% session deposit to book your date/time slot, this is transferable with 2 days prior notice but non-refundable.

Can I use Shopify support session to set up a store?

This service is not specifically aimed at setting up new Shopify stores, it is aimed more at people with existing stores. If you want to get a new Shopify store set up, I do offer this as a separate service here.


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