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Online / Website Budget Calculator

Online / Website Budget Calculator

This is just a simple website budget calculator tool I made to work out monthly web spends. I find this is a really good thing to do, it allows you to step back to see where your budget is going and where money could be saved and reallocated to better resources.

There is obviously not a standard amount of how much a website should cost to run because they all have a different set of requirements. But there are always areas where people tend to overspend, for example, running a very small site on a large server or paying too much for third party services.

This does assume you have a website, if you are looking to build a new website then feel free to get in contact and I can guide you through what options are out there and some of the costs involved.

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Web Spend Calculator

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If you want to discuss your web spend and see if you could be spending your budget more effectively then feel free to get in contact using the form below.

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