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Marketing audits | Optimise your marketing budgets

Marketing audits to Optimise your marketing budgets

marketing audits are a great way to get on outside perspective on your technical and personal implementation of your marketing. If you are already marketing online and making a profit then that is a great start but it doesn’t end there. The market is constantly shifting and so is the way customers react to online advertising. There is always scope to improve, optimise and better plan your marketing budget. 

If you haven’t yet started your journey in to online marketing then it actually puts you in a really good place to plan and implement your marketing from scratch. 

There are a plethora of options out there for online marketing and it is certainly not one size fits all. There are companies that thrive through social media marketing and others that promote solely through professional networks like LinkedIn. It’s all about knowing your audience and where you can reach them most effectively. 

I am Google Ads certified and work across many other platforms to create marketing funnels that will suit the business and ultimately drive results. But what sets me apart is my in-depth knowledge of creating engaging visual assets and optimising websites.

I have been working with e-commerce websites for over 10 years and I can really help in optimising your landing pages. This is something that will not only help to improve your conversions, it will also bring down your bids. So focusing on this area can get you higher conversions for less money. 

We can focus on a variety of areas including 

I don’t have a set price on marketing as a whole due to how broad a subject it is but my marketing audits start from £495 + VAT. If you are just getting started with digital advertising or would just like some help with existing advertising campaigns then don’t hesitate to get in contact using the form below.  

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