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Track Club FREE 2 Month Trial – Try Track Club For 2 Months FREE

Track Club Free 2 Month Trial Header

Track Club is an interesting new subscription service that allows you to not only download high-quality stock music tracks but to remix them to suit your videos. It has everything you would expect in a stock audio library, you can filter by things like mood, length and genre as well as save favourites to your account and search through your history if you want to find a previous song you listened to. Where things get start to get interesting is MixLab.

How does MixLab work in Track Club?

Say for example you find the perfect track but you don’t want the vocals over the top. No problem, with Track Club you can remove that with one click and download your track the way you want it. Maybe you have found the perfect track but the tempo is a little slow and you want to increase the pace a little, with Track Club you can increase or decrease the BPM (beats per minute) to change the pacing of the music to suit your video.

What is the Track Club pricing structure?

You have the option of selecting from the individual, business or enterprise plan. The individual plan is for solo creators who only publish to their personal social channels. You may only use this on one channel per platform and it does not cover client or freelance work. The business plan is perfect for freelancers or businesses with up to 250 employees that want to deliver paid client work. The enterprise plan is for any business exceeding 250 employees and can utilise team accounts, you will need to get in contact with Track Club to discuss pricing on this tier.

Track Club Individual, Business and Enterprise Pricing Plans

What makes Track Club different?

Track Club is powered by Marmoset, which is the first Certified B Corp music licensing company. This is given to companies that can prove they are caring for their employees, the environment and their impact on the world. Track Club also give 10% of their profits to community partners.

Can I use Track Club music on my social channels?

Yes, you can add your social links to your Track Club dashboard for YouTube, Vimeo, Patreon, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even your podcasts. This will stop you from getting copyright strikes on your content.

Add Social Channels to Track Club to Avoid Copyright Claims

Is the music good in the Track Club library?

So far I have really enjoyed using it, there are tons of really high quality music tracks on there which you can search easily, sort by most popular and filter easily. You also have the ability to remix the tracks, so if something isn’t quite right then you can tweak it to suit your needs. It’s free to sign up, so why not try it out for yourself?

Can I download and use music during my free 2 month trial?

If you use the link here, it’s a full-access trial of either the Individual or Business Plan. You’ll be able to test the music in your content, fully licensed during their trial period. If you choose to cancel, any content published during their trial period will be licensed in perpetuity.

How do a claim my FREE 2 month Track Club trial?

Use the link below to claim your free 2 month trial to Track Club and start downloading music today.