I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Event Photography and Video Bournemouth, Dorset | Event Capture Services

I offer event photography and video services in and around Bournemouth, so you and your guests can relive the day and share it.
I operate from Bournemouth, Dorset but am willing to travel to cover events. I regularly photograph and film events around London.
All events are of course different and require a different style of shooting. Whether it be a static single camera, multicam or tracking / dolly style shots, I have you covered.
For more cinematic style shoots I can also offer more dynamic shooting techniques like timelapse, hyperlapse and slow motion tracking shots. I even have an automated tracking and focus rig that can capture the event speaker whilst I take photos around the venue.
We can collaborate in terms of titles, graphics and overlays. It is my sole intention to have the video looking professional and on-brand.
I can offer shooting resolutions of up to 4k, most of my clients only require HD content but 4k is available. There is a higher cost attached to 4k content due to the technical requirements, both in terms of capture and edit.
We can discuss your requirements and then I can handle all of the rest to get back to you with a breakdown of the services and a quote for the work.
My event photography and video services start from £495 + VAT for the day with all photos and video delivered to you as a digital download. Other delivery formats are available including flash drives, optical media and cloud storage.
The overall price is dependant of the size of the crew you need for the day, amount of camera gear required and the complexity of the post production. I offer very reasonable rates and pride myself on the quality of the work I am producing for my clients.
In terms of the project delivery, I can optimise the content for any purpose you wish, including widescreen formats for Youtube or TV displays, square formats for social media and even vertical formats (if required).
If you require additional assistance getting the video in to your website or online marketing services to promote the content, then I can discuss this with you at any time.
If you have an event that you would like coverage for, then please use the form below to get in contact and we can discuss your requirements over the phone or email.

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