I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Ecommerce Photography | Product Photography, Bournemouth, Dorset

Product Photography Services | Ecommerce Photography Services

Ecommerce photography covers everything from product photos to site and team photos. Good photography not only sells products, but it also builds the users confidence and instills trust in a website or brand.

If you offer an online-only experience then the only window to your product is through your product images. If they are blurry, out of context or don’t show off the product in enough detail then they are not going to entice people to view the product and buy it.

My ecommerce photography service can work in various ways, depending on the volume and style of shots you require. I can work on an hourly, half day, day or per photo rate to suit your needs. It is important to me that I offer value to my clients and being flexible on pricing ensures that. Every online store is different and so is every product. 

If you have all the products set up ready to shoot then you may just need me to come in for a short period or on the other end of it, you may want to simply mail me the products with some examples of what you want and I can get them shot and sent back to you.

Now I understand that this can be expensive if you have a lot of products. So as an alternative I can offer my time to train you our a member of your team how to take better product photos. Then you have that skill to build on and use on all future products. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to get better results, so we can work with whatever you have available.

If you have a new online store that you are looking to get professional photos for or just looking to improve on what you currently have, then just get in contact using the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any other ecommerce needs then you can see my other services here.  

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