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Cheap Stock Photos - Affordable Stock Images

Cheap Stock Photos | Affordable Stock Images

You can save hundreds of pounds when buying my stock images directly from my website. It also means that I don’t have to pay a high commission to the stock image companies and the money goes directly to me, the photographer. I get more money for my work and you get cheap stock photos, its a win win!

The pricing and licensing structure is simple, all images are supplied at the highest possible size and are available for editorial use in magazines, newspapers, textbooks or other such publications. You may also use them in social media channels and digital publications such a blogs with no need to credit me as the photographer, although that and a link back here is always appreciated 😉 You can read more about the stock images in the FAQs section below.


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Why pay annually?

You pay only £99 annually for use of all my stock images. Thats only £8.25 a month! So for less than the cost of one single image, you could have the whole lot. It also means that all new stock photography I do is available to you as soon as its uploaded to the site. Annual subscribers will also receive a generous loyalty discount on the new video library when it is launched.  



Where did all of these images come from?

EVERY image was shot and edited by me and are available on various non-exclusive stock photography sites. This means I am free to also distribute them myself. This is essentially my whole catalogue of stock photos broken up in to bundles and stock image packs.

What size will I be supplied the images?

All of the images will be supplied a digital download at the highest resolution quality I can supply. They can be some discrepancies in cropping and use of lower resolution cameras for certain shots. This tends to range from 8 megapixels on the lower end to 22 megapixels on the higher end.

How can you sell these images for so little money?

In short, I have a family to provide for and need to make a little extra income to keep paying the bills and continue to pursue the creative career path I enjoy.

What licence do these images come with?

If you purchase an image pack or a subscription then you can use them for editorial use in magazines, newspapers, textbooks or other such publications. You may also use them in social media channels and digital publications such a blogs.

Can I use these images commercially?

If you plan to use the images for commercial use then you will need to get in contact with me directly to arrange an extended licence with property and model releases (if necessary).

This means they cannot be used for promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising or merchandising (online or print) or in apps, websites or other places that directly sell a product.

If you do so then you breach the terms of service here and may be liable to legal action from other 3rd party companies. If you are unsure on any usage then feel free to get in contact with me using the form below.

Do I need to credit you for the images?

You do not have to credit me as the author, but you must never credit yourself as the author. If you want to credit me as the author and backlink to my website then I would be forever grateful, but it is certainly not a requirement.


You may not repackage or resell my photos in any any capacity. This includes selling them to clients for a set fee, charging for prints and re-uploading them to websites for monetisation. Doing this will result in legal action. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in contact here

Aren’t you devaluing photography with these?

Not in the age of micro stock, cheap stock photos and wide accessibility to cameras. I find the framework of stock imagery horribly outdated and these images are all my own to price them as I wish.

What if images I want aren’t in the set?

The sets are split in to separate packs that relate to a specific subject. If there are specific images you want then you can commission me for photo collections or even one-off photos. I do take requests for new imagery, so you are more than welcome to send me a request.

Why not just use free stock photos?

Free stock photos are great, so long as you know the licence is correct and the photo is from a genuine source. If any images contain people, brands or famous landmarks then you need model and property releases to accompany that image. Otherwise you could end up getting in legal trouble.

Do you sell prints?

If you want to buy prints I can arrange that, just send me a message with some details on what you want and I will send you a quote for the print.

Can I get speciality or bulk licences?

If you contact me using the form below we can arrange something that will suit your needs. 

Can I alter the files

Of course, as long as you are not manipulating them in to anything unflattering, overly controversial, pornographic or radically political to the subject of the photo then you are free to do what you like to enhance them.

Can I have access to raw files

Raw files can be obtained on request. This may not be possible for all images, but many of them are available in my stock archives as .cr2 files. I can of course supply the original jpg image in the case when the raw file is not available.

Will new content become available?

I will be creating new sets as well as taking on new stock requests for new content. Subscription users will get access to all new content.


Unfortunately due to the nature of this being a digital product I cannot refund items once they are bought. Please be sure you are happy with this agreement before proceeding to payment. If you want to see more of work before purchasing then you can view my ShutterStock Portfolio here

Subscription cancellations

You are free to cancel annual subscriptions at any time. All images used within the subscription period can continue to be used for that purpose indefinitely. You may no longer use the images for new projects from the cancellation end date of a subscription.

Do you have a referral programme?

Yes. For every new purcahse you can refer using your uniqe referral link, you will recieve a £10 voucher that you can use on any digital products here on my website.

Got any other questions? Get in contact.

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