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Website Testing and Feedback

Website testing and feedback reports from £495+VAT

Why ask me to do it?

I have been designing, prototyping and building websites for over 10 years and spend a lot of my time tweaking and optimising websites. I can test your website and report the improvements back to you in plain English.

What will I do?

I will personally sit down and run through your website page by page and impartially user test it on desktop, tablet and mobile. This will give you a lot of useful user interface feedback, as well as some bug fixes if there are any. Then I will dig a layer deeper, run some page speed tests and some simple Javascript debugging. This will give you some ideas for areas where you can improve your sites speed and clean up some of the code on your sites templating, styling and Javascript.

Will this help my SEO?

It will to an extent as speed, usability and error free code is all taken in to account when ranking your website. As an optional extra I can also offer some advice on enhancing page structure and markup for improving your websites ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Please do not confuse me with a no-name ‘marketing / SEO’ company offering you rank 1 results that never materialise. There is no claim that you will even hit page one, but I can show you how to turn the content you create in to search engine friendly data. I have personal experience in improving search result rankings and can help you make the changes to get you moving in the right direction.

What will you get out of doing this?

As well a manual testing, I may use 3rd party tools to do some testing, but the feedback that you are given will not be generic statements. I will compile all the data I collect in to a readable document that can be handed over to a Front End or Full Stack developer to work through. This is extremely useful data that can be acted on immediately or put in to a backlog of work for when you have the budget available to action it. I can take on the work to make the improvements to your site, but this is not the intention of the exercise. The end goal is to give you some clear guidelines on how to make improvements on what is currently there.

Why is it FROM £495?

All websites are different and so I cannot promise a flat rate fee, but I always offer extremely competitive prices. I offer additional levels of website report that can cover bigger websites with a lot of page variations, admin panels and other add-ons. If you would like me to test your site then please get in contact using the form below.

If you are interested in getting your website reviewed then please get in contact using the form below.