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Front end Developer Bournemouth, Dorset

Front End Developer Bournemouth, Dorset

Front end development is quite a misunderstood profession and people are generally unsure what it entails. Web projects can generally be broken down quite simply in to data storage, data processing and data presentation. Front end development basically controls all the visual parts of a website or application but generally not the data processing of the application. When you hire a front end developer you can expect them to focus a high level of attention on the following


Search optimised content

Optimising content for search is the first step in laying out and building up your pages. This may not seem like a development task but the layout of the page affects the web markup used. Having this setup correctly bears weight in search engines like Google and will also help in some accessibility cases. You can also take things further and add rich snippets for search or tracking tools to get useful user data. You can read more about this subject here.


Safe and simple workflow

An important aspect of front end development is to create a workflow that can be easily passed from one developer to another. The most important factor is to make it safe, this means being able to roll back code or releases to a backup state when they are causing issues on the site. Workflow for front end development is totally subjective and there are lots of tools around that will speed up workflows. Without going in to too much detail they are invaluable for saving time and money during development.


Responsive or adaptive layouts

This focuses on presentation of the project across multiple platforms, this is generally created from mobile first scaling all the way up to large displays and TVs. This is important because it means that your content is device agnostic and available to anybody to wants to access it, regardless of what device they are using.


User interactions

User interactions are very important in keeping the user always fully informed on what is happening in a clear way. A good example of this is submitting a form, the user has to know what was filled out wrong and why or be given a message explaining what will happen now the form is submitted. This may be handled by a 3rd party like a UX / UI designer or consultant, but ultimately will all be integrated in to the project by a front end developer. You can read more about UX design here and UI design here.


Website speed optimisation

A nice design and responsive layout is worthless if it takes a long time to load the content for the user. With ever increasing broadband speeds and native apps we as users are increasingly impatient when it comes to technology. If your website or application is slow than that will hurt your bounce rate in terms of visitors and ultimately conversions.

Exceptionally helpful and very timely at delivering high quality web development and design solutions. I would happily recommend Steve’s services to any business owner looking to enhance their market presence 👍

Stuart Hollington

Graphic Designer, Elmwood

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