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Video Marketing Bournemouth, Dorset

Video Marketing Bournemouth, Dorset

Why use video marketing

Video marketing has become a cornerstone of digital advertising over the past few years. Traditional TV advertising is being cast aside by other forms of video marketing due to the custom audiences they can target. Advertisers are no longer just running their ads in between relevant TV shows to their audience. Digital video advertising allows you to intelligently target much more specific audiences, not only on the content they watch but on their interests and buying behaviours.

What are the advantages of video marketing

Not only can advertisers define a much more suitable and refined audience, they can also use ongoing data to run video ads at maximum efficiency. Traditional TV advertising just cannot compete with the data available because all they have are viewing figures and there is no way to track leads from the advertisement. Other video advertising methods can offer views through TV, Desktop, Tablets and Smartphones complete with all the data you need to make your video advertising campaigns thrive. The barrier to entry is also much lower, anybody with some useable video content and modest advertising budget can try it. 

How can I help your business?

I produce promotional business videos and I am Google Ads Certified, so I can work with you to create some video content and distribute it to the right audience. If you already have video content, we can work to make it maximise its potential. I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset but can travel further afield to meet for consultations. Businesses only looking to run ad campaigns from existing video content can be based anywhere worldwide as I can manage and run these campaigns remotely.

Get in contact to discuss using video advertising to leverage your business

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