I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Sustainable and responsible work partnerships

Sustainable and responsible work partnerships

This page is not about me trying to blow my own trumpet and make me look good. It is more of an insight into how I work and why, I don’t expect other people to share the same opinion and I certainly won’t force it upon them. I am just a big advocate for sustainability and I try wherever possible to reduce my carbon footprint. I am certainly not perfect, but I am conscious that what I do makes a small difference.

I do this by keeping a lot of my working relationships maintained through digital management and communication tools. This has long been a proven method for effective communication and working. Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation but they are not always necessary.

I work from my house to keep my travel, gas, and electricity consumption down. All equipment used in my home office is as energy-efficient as possible. If I need to travel for client consultations or production shoots I will walk or cycle where possible and only travel by car or train when necessary. I do occasionally fly out to carry out work or see clients but this is a very rare occurrence.

All the equipment I use is taken care of and used either to its full lifespan and recycled or passed on to someone else to reuse. My rental services allow for people to access equipment without having to actually purchase it for themselves. In terms of paper and other disposable office products, I keep them to the bare minimum with just the important documents I need to hand.

I don’t buy takeaway coffees, I don’t even buy pre-made and pre-packaged sandwiches where possible.

So if I show up to a meeting a little out of breath after cycling or you see me on a shoot day eating a packed lunch you will know why.

You can work out your carbon footprint using the calculator below