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Custom WordPress Training Videos for Business

Custom WordPress Training Videos for Business

What are custom WordPress training videos for business?

My custom WordPress training videos for businesses offer you a way to catalogue all the functionality of your business’s website in to a nice digital library of assets that are available to your team or external freelancers at anytime. 

Why do I need custom WordPress tutorials?

A lot of companies let one person/s handle all of the processes for updating your website. Meaning when that person leaves, you end up with a brief handover or poorly documented set of notes on how to make updates. There are so many little bits you pick up along the way, bugs, workarounds and undocumented processes, that you leave yourself open to a lot of headaches. 

But aren’t these videos too technical for people to use?

Absolutely not, there is a really big misconception that websites are hard to use and hard to update. In the case of WordPress, this is certainly not the case. There is a learning curve, just like anything else but most people with a basic grasp of using a computer and word processor can use WordPress. The rest is just practice and that is where the WordPress business training videos aim to help. 

Can’t I just use Youtube tutorials?

Not all WordPress sites are the same, there is so much flexibility in WordPress that your site may be radically different to another. Even updating content can vary dramatically with the recent introduction of modular and visual page builders.   

Can you brand the training videos to my business?

Yes, I understand that branding for businesses is important and all of your internal and external training assets need to be uniform. I can add logos, animations, title/cards or whatever else you require to fit your business needs.  

How are the videos delivered to my business?

The videos will be categorised in to folders and placed in cloud storage for you to download. You have the option for me to host them for you, post them on a usb stick or upload them to Youtube or Vimeo as private videos. I can even add them to your WordPress website as private resources for your staff if required.  

How much do WordPress training videos cost?

It all depends on how many you need, I cover anything from basic content updates to theme customisation and code snippet updates. So it can range anywhere from just a few simple tutorial videos to a whole library of content. I cater to all company and website sizes, so if you let me know your requirements below then I can get back to you with some more information on getting started. 

Can I add to my library one it is created?

Of course, I am happy to help you build your resource library as and when you need to. I do offer discounts on larger numbers of videos to be created but am happy to create one-off videos where necessary. 

Got a website that you would like video documentation for?

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