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Ecommerce Product Video | Ecommerce Video Production Bournemouth, Dorset

Ecommerce product videos are what set quality online stores apart and ultimately improve product sales. Ecommerce product video gives you the visual edge over another store that just show a static image slideshow of a product.

The internet has revolutionised the way we shop but it does have its limitations and shortfalls. Being able to physically see and touch products makes it much easier to sell them. This of course is not always possible but what you can do is give people a better idea of the product using video.

Video not only lets customers see the product’s scale, it lets them see it in context. This is very powerful and can be enhanced with additional information overlaid on the product in an easy to digest and visual way. Its essentially a sales pitch to your customers without you having to do it in person.

Shooting ecommerce product videos can be done in lots of different ways ranging from a simple set of product shots to a narrative informercial style video. Different products suit different types of video, some products may suit a more of a fun style with some animation and annotations. You can even go one step further and have more of a general video about the company and culture to increase customer confidence and build an audience.  

What I aim to do is to understand your product/s and work with you to create something that suits not only your products but your brand as well. With style of videos varying so drastically I don’t have a set price and discuss pricing on a per project basis. I aim to be able to work to most budgets, obviously the more budget you can allocate to your ecommerce product videos, the more scope you have to create quality content.

Once your ecommerce product video is shot, I can then help in integrating the video in to your website (if needed). Don’t bury it away in an image gallery, give it prominence and let customer see it.

Ecommerce product videos are also an excellent way to create engaging and compelling ad sets across multiple platforms. When used correctly, they have many uses and can provide real value to your customers and your ad budget.

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