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WordPress Training Bournemouth, Dorset

WordPress Training Bournemouth, Dorset | Website Training For WordPress Builds

WordPress training is such an overlooked area in delivering websites. WordPress has become an incredibly popular tool for building websites and a big part of that is its easy to use admin panel for content creation. The problem is that WordPress training is rarely offered to clients once the build has been completed. 

This can be the downfall of a website in terms of speed, accessibility and ultimately visibility on search engines. Although WordPress is simple to use, you still need to work to best practices of web design and online content. Imagery and content written in the wrong format can hurt SEO and site rankings without you even knowing. New rules coming in for mobile page speed in Google can potentially hit poorly performing websites hard. 

I offer WordPress training in Bournemouth for all levels, you don’t need to be a web designer, developer or even know that much about digital. You just need to put the time in to learning the best practices and the rest will fall in to place. The better your knowledge of the content you are creating, the better your website will perform. This pay dividends in website optimisation, search engine optimisation as well as readability and accessibility.     

If your website is slow and underperforming then we can focus on points where you can strengthen it and get it back on track. Learning to use WordPress correctly will open your eyes to how much can be done without a developer or specialist marketer or seo person. The more knowledge you have on the subject the more you can save yourself in development time and the more you will find yourself looking to improve on whats already there. 

To gauge improvement of your changes we will run through how to use popular optimisation tools to track progress. This will give you are good visual indication how your changes are affecting the website.  

My WordPress training is not a book of things to learn, its personal training that suits all abilities of users. If you know certain areas then we will focus more on the areas you don’t know. Together we can create a comprehensive document of where you want to focus your efforts and how to achieve them. Training doesn’t have to be formal or boring, your business excites you and so should the way you present it to your customers. I am based in Bournemouth so I do the majority of WordPress training in Bournemouth but I can travel further afield or work remotely, whatever best suits you.      

WordPress training pricing

My WordPress training prices start from £99 for a 2 hour block of individual training but range all the way up to full day sessions with groups of up to 8 people.

I require half of the total cost as a deposit in advance to secure the day/s you request.

If you want to get in contact about WordPress training then leave a message using the form below. Or if you would like to contact me about any WordPress development work then you can find out more the  services I offer here.

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