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Youtube Ads Bournemouth, Dorset

Youtube ads Bournemouth Dorset

Should I run Youtube ads for my business? Well consider the following.

Youtube is not only the most popular video network, it has over 2 billion active monthly users, thats approaching 50% of all internet users! People spend 180 million hours a day watching YouTube on their TV screens. Over a billion hours of video content is consumed on Youtube every single day.  It is also the second most visited site in existence. So there is a huge audience there to market your product or services to.

People love to consume video and they love to learn and discover new things.

The drawback for most companies is that they don’t already have a video or they think that their business doesn’t translate well in to video. Its fair to say that anything can be made in to a video, it just needs some planning, the right approach and the technical skills to pull it off.

Everybody can make a video but not everyone can make a good video. Video and video ads specifically are all about quality, interest and engagement. You need to grab attention and hold it. There are many aspects of a good video ad, its about finding a balance and getting them all to work in sequence.

Once you have created a video or set of videos you can then use them for other social and marketing channels as well. Both in terms of sharing them with your audience and using it as an ad. So it is a bit of an outlay at the start but it has lot of uses later down the line.

I can help with everything from the creation of any video content independently or assisting your team through the process. Once you have video content, I can then assist in creating ads for tailored audiences, building a conversion strategy and refining them to optimise your ad spends. I am Google Ads Video certified, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. 

Are Youtube ads the right fit for your business? Get in contact using the form below and we can discuss your options.

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