I am still working throughout the current coronavirus outbreak, although at a reduced capacity. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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Live website audits | Remote website audits

Live website audits | Remote website audits

I offer live website audits to get your website performing to its full potential.


Don’t waste money on buying automated website reports or audits from agencies and cold email optimists. Not only are they too generic, but they are also usually just too vague to actually give you any actionable feedback. So they just get filed away and never actually make any impact. I look to take a more proactive approach.


What can we cover in a remote or live website audit?

In my remote audit sessions, we can discuss any parts of your website that you want to improve. This can be anything you want, but the most popular topics are generally
  • Brand uplift
  • Lead generation
  • Product pages
  • Checkout process

How does a remote website live audit work?

We set a date and time to conduct the audit and then we can connect over Skype, Zoom, or similar to run through the website using screen sharing.
Depending on your technical skill level, I can provide you with assets to help, as well as recommending some additional tools. All of these will be free, I don’t sell software or services to clients, I like to remain impartial throughout the whole process. There are instances where paid premium software can help and I will always offer a few different options.
I will suggest work to be carried out and if you cannot complete it then this can be done by myself, your in-house team, or other external freelancers.

What qualifies me to do this?

I am a Graphic Design/Interactive Media BA Hons graduate and have been working with websites for over 20 years. This has covered many areas including blog sites, custom directories, affiliate sites, ticketing platforms, and many variations of e-commerce. So I have solid experience in improving user journeys, as well as measuring results to improve them further. This is not essential but it gives invaluable insight into what your users are responding well to and what isn’t working on your website.


How much does a live website audit cost?

I charge £49 + VAT an hour for live website audit sessions. So a 2 hour audit session costs £99 + VAT and a 3 hour audit session costs £147 + VAT. I tend to find that 3 hours is really the longest recommended session length. If you want to have another session later down the line then this is of course fine.

Can we do a face to face website audit?

In the current working climate, remote audits are the safest way to work but if you want to work face to face then we can arrange something. I still conduct face to face website optimisation work but it must be under the appropriate working conditions. Depending on your location there may be a minimum session length or an additional fee for travel and expenses.

Want to book a remote live website audit? 

If you are interested in having a live audit done on your website then please get in contact using the form below or call me on 07878178336.

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Just had an excellent live, online session with Steve and he has been very professional and extremely knowledgeable with delivering his services. Steve kindly updated my website and talked me through the process and delivered his services very well. I can highly recommend Steve and for sure, I’ll be a returning client. He exceeded my expectations.

Melanie Kaviani

Architect | Co Founder, Kaviani Architects