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Woocommerce Builds Bournemouth, Dorset

Woocommerce Builds Bournemouth, Dorset

WordPress is a hugely popular open source content management system with tons of features and add-ons. It powers over 25% of websites and its popular ecommerce plugin WooCommerce powers 30% of online stores. Woocommerce has been around for over 5 years and is well battle tested, making it a good choice for your next online store.

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Wordpress currently powers over 25% of today's websites

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WooCommerce currently powers 30% of online stores

One of the key benefits to a Woocommerce shop build is that they are quick to get running and have plenty of options in terms of design.

Building an online store is full of challenges and obstacles. I have worked on a lot of ecommerce websites from start to finish in all aspects and have a lot of first hand experience in overcoming them.

The key to starting a successful online store is to be well prepared, both in regards of the technical and physical implementation. We will draw up a plan of where you are currently at and where you want to be, along with all the steps we will need to take to get you there. This will cover everything from costings, technical setup, staff, all the way through to marketing your store once it is live.

A lot of online stores fail once they are live because they don’t have a strategy to make the sales they need to survive or better yet thrive. I will explore ways you can run your store with you and estimate ongoing costing. We will make sure upfront that we don’t overspend on the store build and leave nothing to keep the store running.

My aim is always for you to keep focused on what makes your products and brand great and I will make the rest happen in the background.

Woo commerce isn’t perfect and it does have its drawbacks, but setup in the correct way it can be an incredibly powerful tool. Is a Woocommerce store right for you? Get in contact and we can discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can read more about my ecommerce services here.

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