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Video SEO | Search Engine Optimisation Bournemouth, Dorset

Video SEO | Search Engine Optimisation Bournemouth, Dorset

What is Video SEO and How Can I Optimise it?

Video SEO is essentially the art of leveraging video content as a ranking factor. Video is one of the fastest-growing mediums and for good reason. It’s accessible, it’s easy to consume across multiple platforms in various ways and it has the potential to convert leads and sales. If you are spending time creating video content then don’t ignore video SEO as it will give your content a much healthier lifetime value.

Use Video SEO to get an ROI on your video content

On most social channels like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram your video will generally only gain any traction if you have a big following, you pay to promote it or the video goes viral. So it is good to implement a video SEO strategy to make sure your hard work in the content creation phase is rewarded with more than a few views and likes.

It is a good idea to use channels that will give your content a longer shelf life and where they can stay available to your audience. Creating evergreen content will give you a much better ROI on your video content.

Using video content on your website

It is common now to have a video as your hero element on the homepage of a website or product page. This has replaced the traditional option of using a slideshow. It is a much better option in my opinion because it is much easier to explain your service or product in a video than it is in a few slides, most of which, the user will likely never see.

You can also use video in sections like your blog, news, or case studies posts and pages to bring some dimension to the stories you are telling and give a real-life insight to the customer. There are tons of options here for leveraging on-page SEO and Video SEO to your advantage.

Using Video SEO to show higher in the search results

In Google search, we have the video tab and this is generally secondary to the ‘All’ tab. But the ‘All’ tab used to just be text content and now it is so much more, we get business profiles, images, and even video. So where video content was once relegated to the video tab, it now sits at the forefront of the search results when there is a relevant video to show the user. So you have to understand that video is important in terms of search, it can essentially give you the equivalent of a rich snippet in Google without even having to have a website or write any HTML markup.

Google has also brought in a new feature to Google Search Console called Video Pages, This is essentially a representation of every page on your website that has a video in it and whether that video is being indexed in Google’s search results. So it’s a new opportunity to get seen for the search terms you want to rank under.


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