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Website Updates Bournemouth, Dorset | Website Upgrades Made Simple

Website Updates Bournemouth Dorset

Website updates are crucial in keeping your website safe and secure for your visitors. Running outdated scripts and code can leave your website’s and customer’s data vulnerable to bots and hackers.

I can provide the following update services for your website.

PHP Upgrades

Having the latest stable version of PHP will make your website faster, more secure, and often give you more compatibility with modern frameworks and content management systems. I can perform PHP upgrades, testing, and patches.

CMS Upgrades

If you run a content management system like WordPress, I can handle all the core WordPress updates, plugin, theme, and page builder upgrades. I always thoroughly test after each update to make sure your website is running as it should.

Content Updates

If you require content updates for blogs, PR pages, or general pages, I can handle all of this for you. This way, you don’t have to wrestle with page templates, styling, and linking up content.

SSL Security Certificate Installation

If you need an SSL certificate installed for the first time or have an annual certificate renewal where you need to update it, I can take the headache of having to do that away from you. If an SSL runs out on the website and is not updated correctly, the website is shown as insecure and potentially malicious to site visitors.

Display Errors and Bug Fixes

These can occur from compatibility issues on the server or the modules or plugins you have running on the site. I can work through these and resolve them for you.

Find the right website update plan for you

If you are using WordPress for your website then you can head over to see my WordPress Care Plans to see pricing.

If you would like to discuss an update plan for your website then please get in contact using the form below.

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