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Conversion tracking for business goals | Tracking your leads and sales

Conversion tracking for business goals

Conversion tracking is a must-have for any website that relies on leads or sales.

Have you ever wondered how many people contacted you over the phone or by email in the last month or year? You could go through all your emails and phone records to work it out but that isn’t time or cost-efficient. That is where conversion tracking comes in. Conversion tracking allows you to tag certain events and actions on your website like

  • A phone number link being clicked
  • An email link being clicked
  • A form being submitted
  • E-commerce actions like adding to cart and stepping through the checkout

Once you have tagged all of the events and actions you want to track, you will be able to generate reports with completion results and even funnel visualisations for multi-step processes.

We can take it a step further and use tracking links called campaign links to work out exactly what traffic source is driving the successful conversions. This allows you to focus on what is gaining your leads and sales.

These reports are a great resource but the data that conversion tracking offers will have some discrepancies, for example, if someone clicks an email or phone link but doesn’t follow through on that action. Or a sale has been completed but then was later refunded. But you can cross-reference this type of data very quickly using exact dates.

Conversion tracking is useful for any business but for those utilising SEO or paid advertising services it is essential. Without adequate conversion tracking, you could be spending your budget very inefficiently without even knowing. The best thing about conversion tracking is that there are no monthly costs involved, so once you are set up you can run as many reports as you like each month for free. The next step in the process is to start optimising your content with A/B Testing


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