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Its Tea: Search Engine Optimisation Project

I have been working with Its Tea for nearly a year now and I thought it would be a good case study to show what optimising your keywords and website can do for your search rankings.

Its Tea has a lovely shop in Poole, Dorset selling loose tea as well as an online store built in the popular Woocommerce platform. They came to me asking to rectify a poor site build and migration that had been done for them in the past and try to get them back on track in terms of organic search.

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study - Its Tea

Google Search comparisons

These figures from a Google Search Console report show the same months of the year in 2019 and 2020, before and after we started working together. There is a considerable improvement in both organic search visibility and click through rate. 

  • Appearance increase in organic search results 42% 42%
  • Improvement on search click through rate 63.5% 63.5%

Traffic comparisons

Below are some top level figures from the website’s traffic across the two date ranges. You will appreciate that I cannot go in to more detail as that would reveal the client’s sensitive data, who of course is aware of this study being published here on my website.

  • User Sessions 15.89% 15.89%
  • Page views 16.32% 16.32%
  • Pages / Sessions 0.37% 0.37%
  • Users 259% 259%
  • Sessions 213.31% 213.31%

More Users


Reduction in bounce rate

Sales comparisons

We have worked together in various ways to get these figures up, including on-site training, consultation and development on weaker areas of the site. In between these two date ranges the product catalogue didn’t differ too much from one year to another. The pricing and logistics of the store also remained the same.

To achieve these figures we worked on optimising the catalogue and product pages as well as the checkout process across all devices. 

  • Revenue 250% 250%
  • Conversion Rate 219% 219%
  • Transactions 270% 270%


Increase in sales


Increase in conversion rate

Now, this is far from being anywhere near perfect and both I and the client are aware that there are many areas that still need to be addressed. But we continue to prioritise tasks that biggest impact possible within the time we have working together each month.

I find creating a Search Engine Optimisation case study like this one very useful when working with clients because it allows me to step away from the project for a bit and just look at the numbers alone.

Now that we have strengthened the organic part of the website we are now implementing some new marketing techniques that will make sure the success of the website doesn’t plateaux and will allow it to continue to grow sustainably.

I am proud of the improvements we have made together and look forward to helping them grow even more in the future and of course, if you are looking for loose leaf tea, look no further than Its Tea.

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