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Panasonic GH6 Tutorials

Panasonic GH6 Tutorials

I have been using the Panasonic GH6 since the launch date and I just wanted to create some Panasonic GH6 tutorials to help people use the camera. I came in from the path of the Panasonic GH5, so the menu and layout are already quite familiar to me. I also had quite a solid workflow set up with the Panasonic GH5 which seems to work well with the Panasonic GH6, so I have tried to break that down and share some of the features I find most useful. I also have a post on essential Panasonic GH6 accessories that you may want to check out if you are new to the camera.

Panasonic GH6 Accessories (contains affiliate links)
Cards CF Express Type B Cards
SD Cards
CF Express Type B Card Readers (Make sure it is Type B compatible)
Variable ND Filters 
Panasonic GH6 Batteries 🔋
Panasonic GH6 Cage (always check compatibility – GH5/5s cages will not fit) 
External Monitors / Recorders Atomos Ninja V 4K up to 60fps
Atomos Ninja V+ 4K up to 120fps
External Microphone
Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Stock Audio
Artlist (2 months FREE)
Track Club (2 months FREE)

Stock Video
Artgrid (2 months FREE)
MotionArray (Save $50 on the annual plan)

Flicker and noise reduction
Neat Video

Topaz Labs

Below is the Panasonic GH6 Tutorial Youtube playlist I have created and it contains the following videos with more being added all the time –

Panasonic GH6 Basics

Setting up the Panasonic GH6 

Panasonic GH6 Focus Modes

Panasonic GH6 Shortcuts

Panasonic GH6 Photography Features

Panasonic GH6  Video Features

Using the Panasonic GH6 Playback Menu

Panasonic GH6 Workflow

Panasonic GH6 Firmware Updates

You can download the latest Panasonic GH6 camera firmware updates from here – https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index.html

Panasonic GH6 Accessories

SSD Recording for the Panasonic GH6

Power Solutions for the Panasonic GH6

Using Lumix Sync with the Panasonic GH6

Panasonic GH6 Maintenance 

Panasonic GH6 Troubleshooting

You can view all of the Panasonic GH6 tutorials below. If there are any specific things you would like to see a tutorial for, please feel free to leave a comment on my Youtube channel and I will add it to my list.

Artgrid 2 months free worth up to $99
Artlist 2 months free worth up to $33

Panasonic GH6 Test Footage Using 4K at 120FPS

Panasonic GH6 FAQs

Does the Ronin SC work with the Panasonic GH6?

Yes. It can support the weight of the Panasonic GH6 with the kit lens and it supports recording and focus modes over USB. 

Where are the high speed shooting modes in the Panasonic GH6?

These are available under the VFR menu in the camera. You can see how to use them here.

Do Panasonic GH5 batteries work in the GH6?

Yes. But some video modes are unavailable when shooting on the older Panasonic GH5 batteries. You can find out more here.

Does the Panasonic GH6 support dual card recording?

Yes. There are a variety of dual card modes on the Panasonic GH6, although not all shooting modes are supported on the SD card. You can find out how to use them here.

I can't hear sound when playing back video on the Panasonic GH6

If the sound is disabled for playback then you are likely in the cameras ‘Silent Mode’, make sure this setting is switched off and try again. 

Audio and Autofocus not available on the Panasonic GH6

If you have both muted audio and autofocus disabled then it is likely you are using a VFR (Variable Frame Rate) mode, switch this off and then try see if they are now available. 

Some shooting modes are not available with my new CF Express card

Make sure the card is a CF Express Type B card that is capable of recording the more demanding resolutions and codecs. Then be sure that you have formatted the card in the camera, so it is set up to work with it correctly. Be sure to back up the card before doing this as everything will be lost. 

Is the Panasonic GH6 a Micro Four Thirds camera?

Yes, the Panasonic GH6 has a Micro Four Thirds mount. The main difference in the new Panasonic GH6 is the new 25-megapixel sensor and the Venus engine processor. 

Can I Shoot ProRes to an SD card on the Panasonic GH6?

Yes, as of firmware version 2.0 you can record ProRes in HD onto the SD card. You can find out more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByIDe09FBzc

Can You Charge the Panasonic GH6 over USB?

Yes, you can even use a power bank to charge the camera, find out more here

Does the DCC12 Work on the Panasonic GH6?

Yes, you can use it in the GH6, you can find out more here.

Can you use a battery grip with the Panasonic GH6?

Unfortunately the Panasnonic GH6 doesn’t have an option to use a battery grip but you can find out more about powering it externally here 

Can you record to SSD with the Panasonic GH6?
Yes, as of the firmware version 2.2 (released on the 27th of September 2022) you can record to supported SSD drives. These include the Sandisk Extreme E61, Sandisk Extreme E81, and the Samsung T5 (Up to 2TB supported).
Can the Panasonic GH6 Shoot Raw Video?

Not internally, to shoot ProRes Raw you will need an external HDMI recorder like the Atomos Ninja V+ which will allow you to shoot up to 120fps in 4K.

Do you get sound with slow motion video on the Panasonic GH6?

Yes and no. Shooting HFR or High Frame Rates will allow you to capture audio but when you step up to VFR Variable Frame Rates audio is not longer available. You can find out more about this topic here.

Can't access high video frame rates and high resolution video modes on the Panasonic GH6

This could be due to you using an old GH5 battery that is limiting you to 60fps or using DR Boost which would also limit you to 60fps. Shooting video in photo modes also has some restrictions, so try switching in to the Manual Movie Mode on the top of the camera. Some shooting modes will also require a CF Express card which the data demand is too high for an SD card.

Can you power the GH6 over USB without a battery in the camera?

No. The GH6 requires a battery to be in the camera to power it and the USB C port is simply supplying charge to the internal battery. You can find out more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W8_b-ldWBs

What LUTs can I use on the Panasonic GH6?
How do I resolve a Card Write Protection Error on the Panaosnic GH6?

To resolve this you need to switch the card out of the locked state, you can find out how to do that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG7GxWX18Uw

Is the Panasonic GH6 Netflix Approved?

No. Currently, the Panasonic GH6 does not sit on the ‘Netflix approved’ list of cameras. 

Does the Panasonic GH6 have a Dual Native ISO?

No, the Panasonic GH6 uses a dual output gain sensor to take two image signals (high and low) and process them together.

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