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How To Get More Business Reviews Using NFC Review Cards

NFC review cards are a great way to increase the number of reviews your business can collect online.   What are NFC Review Cards? NFC review cards are similar to NFC business cards in that they allow you to share a link with someone's phone with a simple tap. In this...

Make a Wireless NFC Digital Business Card for Networking Events

The issue with traditional business cards For anyone who does a lot of networking or marketing events, you are well versed in exchanging business cards with potential clients. But you will also understand the pain of trying to figure out which business cards were...

Invalid spec for creative with interactive components | Facebook Carousel Issue

The Invalid Spec for Creative with Interactive Components Error If you are getting this error message in your Facebook ads then you can follow this post to get the issue resolved and get your ads live. This should only take a few minutes to follow and requires very...

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