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Video Editing Articles

Is Artgrid worth it for stock video? | Using stock video for commercial work

Is Artgrid worth it? Is stock video in general worth it? My answer will always be yes and there are many different reasons as to why The perception of stock footage Stock images and stock footage get a bad reputation, with the perception of it mostly being business...

Fix Adobe Premiere Corrupt Render

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a long day editing and waiting for the video to render to then find the final output is corrupt. I have had this issue in the past, with inconsistent results, flickering video, purple and green frames, and all kinds of...

Recover Premiere projects and timelines | Adobe Premiere Pro file recovery

Learning how to recover Premiere projects and timelines is essential if you want to work with clients or do any paid work. Trust me, you aren’t the only person to ever completely ruin an edit by accident. Whether it be saving the file incorrectly, deleting it by...

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