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Fix corrupt renders in Adobe Premiere Pro

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a long day editing and waiting for the video to render to then find the final output is corrupt. I have had this issue in the past, with inconsistent results, flickering video, purple and green frames, and all kinds of artifacts in the footage. I am going to tell you how to fix corrupt renders in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Fixing Black and White corrupt renders or Pink/Purple and Green renders in Adobe Premiere Pro

In short, this is due to your GPU not being able to handle the exporting of video in your current project settings. You may find that some parts of the video will render correctly but other parts will come out purple, green, and have static type artifacts in them. If this is the case, don’t worry, it’s a quick fix and you will be back editing.

This is most likely to happen if you have just installed Adobe Premiere on your machine and have not refined the project settings to suit your machine. Usually, a clear sign is that the footage plays back and looks good in the edit but renders out with purple and green lines throughout the video. This issue can also come in the form of black and white corrupt video if you use Lumetri color on your clips. You can overcome this by going to

file -> project settings -> general

and changing the renderer from the recommended one to ‘Mercury playback engine software only’

This should now resolve your issue, try exporting the video again with a new filename (not overwriting an old export). Remember you may need to do this for other projects with incorrect settings, but now you know how to quickly resolve it.

On another note, if your machine is not really equipped for video editing then it is worth looking into creating proxies. Proxies are essentially low-resolution copies of your raw footage. You will need a little extra storage space to keep them but this will speed up your workflow dramatically. It will allow you to scrub through your footage and watch it much more smoothly without having to render it all. This is a godsend if you are working on a laptop, using large raw files, or an older machine that is struggling to keep up.

Happy editing!

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