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To Import Woocommerce products to Facebook is a no-brainer if you sell anything online and have a Facebook page for your business. It’s another perfect opportunity to get eyes on your product selection outside of your online store. The shop section of Facebook allows you to set up products with titles, prices and descriptions and link them directly back to your store by adding them to a cart.

Facebook Shop Tab - Product View

The plugin isn’t perfect but it does do the job without too many headaches if you follow these tips.

Setting up Facebook for Woocommerce

1. To Import Woocommerce products in to Facebook you need a Facebook Pixel setup to use the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin, you can set one up here https://business.facebook.com/events_manager. The Facebook Pixel is a key element in advertising with Facebook, it does contain cookies so you depending on where you are based, you may have to update your cookie and privacy policy. Make sure if you have a Facebook Pixel set up already that you remove it before running the plugin or it will create a duplicate pixel on the website.

2. You can setup the integration with WooCommerce here and download the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin.

3. Upload the plugin zip file to your WordPress admin and then go to the configuration settings. You will need to select your Facebook page, then the pixel you want to connect to it and finally import your products. There is official documentation here with screenshots if you get stuck at any point.

4. This will transfer everything over to the Facebook catalog page which can be found here. If you want to automate it from Woocommerce, make sure you don’t have a catalogue already set up for your store. You will need to start from scratch otherwise it will create a second catalogue and not work correctly.


Shop tab in Facebook not working

This must be activated in the Facebook page settings, you will need to agree to the Facebook terms of service before being able to use this feature.

People cannot currently see this product because you haven’t selected it for sale on Facebook.

Issues with product imports can occur for certain products, I found that virtual products with variations wouldn’t publish and had to edit the plugin here to make it work by editing out the lines below.

includes/fbproduct.php (Line 584)

// Exclude variations that are “virtual” products from export to Facebook &&

// No Visibility Option for Variations

// if ( true === $this->get_virtual() ) {

//       $product_data[‘visibility’] = \WC_Facebookcommerce_Integration::FB_SHOP_PRODUCT_HIDDEN;

// }

Unfortunately the syncing for virtual products doesn’t work either, so if you want that daily sync running then you may have to think about adding a category for all virtual products and excluding it from the sync in the WordPress admin.

HTML not working in Facebook product description

Any HTML will be stripped from your descriptions on import because it is not supported by the Facebook shop.

Facebook Pixel loading twice

This will be because you are loading the Facebook Pixel somewhere else, either through another plugin or it has been added manually in to the head section of the site. 

Shortcodes showing in Facebook product description

This can happen if you use a page builder like Divi Builder or Elementor for you product pages on your Woocommerce store. This type of code is not stripped from the code so it can end up going in as text.

Hope this helped!