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What are Facebook Bots?

Facebook Bots are essentially a set of pre-written responses to answers that your customers may need. Traditionally this would be handled by someone over the phone, or more recently through a chat window on a website. But this requires someone to always be on hand to answer those questions. Facebook Bots overcome this by allowing you to answer those frequently asked questions using pre-scripted responses. Of course bots cannot handle the complexity of all issues and only really act like a front line of support. But offer a really nice way for customers to find helpful resources all in one place. They can do everything from recommending products to your customers to checking and amending orders.

How can I build a Facebook Bot?

To have a Facebook bot you do need a Facebook Page to attach it to, it cannot be added to a normal Facebook Profile account. Services like ChatFuel allow anybody with no prior coding or development knowledge to create a Facebook Bot. It allows you to prescript responses to certain questions or keyboards or give the user multiple choice options to get to content. You can easily add text, images and website links to get your customers where they need to be.
Once you have a base for your bot with some basic logic you can get more technical and add on features. There are options to create live chat, payment systems and even integrate with your own website using the JSON API. Features like these are probably going to need to be integrated by a developer but there are some simple but powerful workflows using tools like IFTTT and Zapier.

Finding Your Facebook Messenger Code

– Go to your Facebook page
– Click on the ‘inbox’ option in the top menu
– Then click on the ‘i’ in the left column and you can download your code. They seem to work so long as you resize them at the same aspect ratio.