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Automated vlogging camera set ups with face tracking are becoming very popular due to their ease of use. They allow one person to easily set up a camera that will track their face and follow them without needing to hold the camera at arms length or have a second person to operate the camera.

Automated Vlogging Camera Setup Using a Phone

There are some fantastic automated vlogging camera set-ups for smartphones that are really affordable. My favourite is the DJI Osmo 3, it is packed with some amazing features for content creation and costs under £100. In my opinion, it is exceptional value for what it delivers, you get great stabilisation, automated timelapse and panorama features, as well as face tracking.

Face Tracking Using a Phone

Using the face tracking feature is as simple as dragging a box over the object you want to track on the phone and it will take care of the rest. So you can use the active tracking to detect your face and then wherever you move, it will follow you, keeping your face in the shot. There are no wires or complicated set up either, all you need to do is install the DJI Mimo app, clip the phone in to the Osmo and connect over WiFi and you are all set.

All-In-One Automated Vlogging Camera Setup

The Osmo Pocket 2 offers an all-in-one handheld solution for capturing super smooth video in stunning 4k quality. Much like the DJI Osmo 3, it features timelapse and panorama features and most importantly face tracking. Having an all-in-one setup like this is great because it is super compact and lightweight and means you don’t have to use your phone storage or battery whilst filming.

All-In-One Automated Vlogging Camera Setup

The only drawback is that the screen is very small, the connection between the phone can occasionally be troublesome and the wifi adapter is sold separately. You can plug your phone directly in to the camera but this makes it slightly less practical to use on the go.

Automated Vlogging Camera Setup for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras

If you like to shoot on a bigger camera then don’t worry, you can still take advantage of automated face tracking with gimbals like the Ronin-SC2 and Ronin-S2. The Ronin-SC2 is aimed at more lightweight mirrorless cameras and for use with smaller lenses, while the Ronin-S2 can handle much more weight. To use this feature you need to attach your phone to the gimbal with the mount included.

The face tracking works from the DJI Ronin App. So be sure to remember to include the weight of your phone and mount when deciding which is right for you. Having used both, I would say that if you plan of doing a lot of handheld camera work as well as using it for face tracking that the Ronin-SC2 is a lot friendlier on the arms. Just make sure to check that it can handle the weight of your camera and lens. Other accessories like external mics and lights can be mounted to the base or side mounts on the gimbal without having to balance them or account for their weight.

You may notice that my preference here are DJI products, I have used other brands like Zhiyun but I enjoy the simplicity of DJI products and the pricing is very competitive. These are just a few examples from a variety of products that I own and regularly use. Always be sure to do your research and find what best suits your needs and budget.  

Please note: Posts occasionally contains affiliate links, you will not pay any extra for the products but I will receive a small commission for the sale, which allows me to write more content like this.