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I have recently been looking in to the HTML5 watchPosition feature in anticipation of the new web Bluetooth API. I am excited to see the potential for connecting to Bluetooth Beacons like Estimotes using proximity. With the recent introduction of web push notifications it opens up the potential for some exciting projects.

When looking into using watchPostion I was struggling to see it working and what I was doing was taking effect. You can do the static geolocation simulation in Chrome’s Dev Console under sensors -> geolocation and then adding in the longitude and latitude you want, you can use websites like latlong.net to find these. This is handy, but it doesn’t help when you need to see the movement.

I found out that in Xcode you can simulate the geolocation movements using the Device Simulator. You can find this option under debug -> location and from there you can pick a ‘City Bicycle Ride’, ‘City Run’ or ‘Freeway Drive’. This is really useful to do a bit of testing from the comfort of your desk.

To do this you will need to be running a local server with an SSL certificate running. SSL is required for accessing GeoLocation data and the site will need to be running on a server to be accessible in the Xcode tools.