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Ad Blocking affecting revenue?

In the last couple of years the use of ad blockers have really started to rise. They have even found their way to iOS9 now through extensions in the Safari browser, for a lot of websites this is a big user base. With the rise of ad blockers becoming more mainstream there is a huge risk of websites that rely on ad revenue through services like Google AdSense disappearing.

I do agree that ads can be a abrasive when trying to look at the content on some sites and heavy on page load – especially on mobile. But on the other side of it, websites cost money to run and a little ad revenue goes a long way to covering those costs.

There are sites out there geared directly to serve and make money on ads that make people click on page after page of ads to get to the content you want. No one wants to see full page ads or click on ads by mistake because they are hidden in to the content. I for one cannot wait for these sites to disappear, but I don’t want to see a lot of innocent independent sites go down with them.

I back ad blockers that can whitelist ‘acceptable’ ads, but many modern ones just block everything.

I have recently been doing some research on how much ad blockers are affecting my websites and revenue by using Page Fair’s ad blocking analytics tool. You can check out how ad blockers are affecting your sites by using their tool for free here – https://pagefair.com/

It is as simple as adding a simple Javascript snippet to your website and you are up and running tracking your site.