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Can’t connect Rode Wireless Go 2 to Rode Central Android app? ‘Please connect a Rode device’.

Today Rode released an amazing update for the Rode Wireless Go II but it came with some frustration. Today they have released a brand new Android and iOS app for tweaking settings on the mics, meaning you no longer need a laptop to make small changes to the settings which is amazing news! You can also now use the Rode Wireless 2 mics with Rode Connect but this was another issue for me unfortunately which I haven’t resolved.

Connecting the Rode Wireless Go 2 to the Rode Central Android or iOS app

Step 1 – Install the correct app

The first thing you need to do is to download the Rode Central mobile app which is now available for iOS and Android. Make sure you are using this app and not one of the other apps like Rode Reporter, which is worth downloading but off-topic.

Step 2 – Use the correct USB cable

You will need the appropriate cable to do this first off, so that is the Rode S16 cable for Android users (USB C to USB C) or the S15 for iOS, this is the Rode S16 USB C to Lightning cable. Using 3rd party cables will likely not work but I cannot say I have tried this extensively.

Step 3 – Update the Rode Wireless Go 2 firmware (2.4.6 – at the time of writing)

You need to update your Rode Wireless Transmitters and Receivers to the latest firmware using the Rode Central desktop application. This was where I had my issue. My desktop app said my Rode Wireless Go 2 units were up to date using firmware 1.2.4 which I believed to be true. But when connecting to the Android app it just didn’t register that the mic was connected even though I could see it as an audio input in the Rode Reporter app.

I couldn’t find the latest firmware version online so I decided to uninstall the Rode Central application entirely and then try to connect the units again. Sure enough, there was a firmware update that took them all the way up to version 2.4.6! It was like the older version of the app was unable to search for new firmware updates, this may have been bug fixed in the new version (I hope). Make sure to update the firmware on all 3 units.

Step 4 – Connect to your phone or tablet

Now you have the latest firmware on your Rode Wireless Go 2 units and you have the correct app and cable you can simply open the app, plug in the units and they will show in the app. Now you can make changes to the settings on your transmitters and receivers.

Device still not showing in the app?

Make the sure cable is fully pushed in on both sides, this has caught me out a few times using the desktop app. Also make sure the unit is switched on and not just charging. If you still can’t see it you can download the Rode Reporter app and see if the receiver works using that. If it doesn’t then your cable is not working correctly.

Rode Connect application not working on Mac

Error – Missing fonts, please re-install Rode Connect is the message I receive after installing it but I cannot seem to get it to work correctly. If anyone has an insight into that, please let me know in the comments and I would greatly appreciate it.

Please note: At the time of writing this, the app does not allow the firmware to be updated through the app or the ability to download audio files.

If you believe any part of this article to be wrong, please let me know in the comments. This is a day one fix and I am still learning what the app can do.

I hope this helps and happy recording!

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